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About Hit-Air Safety Apparel:

Can I wear the vest underneath my riding clothes?
No. The airbags need room for deployment.

What happens if I forget to unplug my vest?
The trigger mechanism requires an abrupt force pull of 60 pounds (44 pounds for KM model), so if you jump out of your saddle or sit without releasing the coiled wire you may deploy your airbag vest. Otherwise you will be reminded that you need to unclip your vest by a pull from the coiled wire still been attached.

Will the deployment spook the horse?
The Hit-Air brand is the quietest in the industry. The keybox mechanism has been designed to avoid spooking the horse. The deployment WON’T sound like a gun shot. We have sound files available to send to you via email, you may play it through your smart phone or laptop to the horse. We got this idea from a customer, and since then we have sent the sound file to many concerned first time buyers. They felt it worked very well as training tool for the horse and added peace of mind.

Why should I choose Hit-Air instead other brands?
Many reasons, let’s bullet point them:
1) Hit-Air is the original inventor of the personal airbag system, back in 1995. All the other brands have reverse engineered, tried to clone, or simply copy Hit-Air idea. So far none has been able to improve it nor surpass it.
2) The Hit-Air neck airbag is the largest and fastest in the industry period. Once deployed immobilizes the neck and prevents backward and sideward movements, reducing the possibility of severe injuries to the neck.
3) The design is light and cool, after a few minutes you won’t notice you are wearing it. This is an important point. Comfort will assure continue use and thus safety.
4) Hit-Air does NOT REQUIRE to send back for inspection after every deployment. We DO inspect vests upon request. The charge is minimum: shipping cost + one cartridge.
5) AFFORDABLE ! Hit-Air has the best prices in the industry, hundreds of dollars less than other brands.

I’m sending back my vest for inspection, do you provide a loner vest?
No, we don’t. Here it is the reason: it is a SAFETY device, we cannot assume the responsibility of sending an used vest to different riders. The best advice would be to have TWO vests at your disposal. So you always ride protected. We offer important rebates for repeat customers.

Does Hit-Air offer a warranty?
With the Hit-air  warranty,  the manufacturer will repair or replace vests or jackets for defects and workmanship that are not as a result of an accident for the first year. For vests that are damaged or destroyed as a result of an accident PEDCO, LLC offers a replacement plan that is valid for 3 years .(Details available on page 15 of this training manual).
Unfortunately, with all safety apparel and especially airbag safety apparel (and helmets) the severity of an accident and the ensuing damage to the apparel and not the number of incidents or a time period of use is what determines if the product is re-usable or repairable. For example, the result of a single impact with a first time use, could in severe accidents, destroy the vest. Because of this there is no written warranty to cover damage as a result of an accident. On the other hand we have many customers who have had multiple accidents over the span of years that no damage at all has occurred to the vest or injury to the user.